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Amanda Hobbs

Amanda Hobbs

Amanda is our English Sales Advisor

Live and enjoy your dream at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia

My name is Amanda and I have enjoyed working at Ciudad Patricia now for 7 years. Everyone who has decided to move to Ciudad Patricia has a list of many reasons why .I love meeting and talking with the residents every day and when I talk to them here are some of the things they tell me why they come and live here. 

Summer has come early at Ciudad Patricia

Nadine, the resort manager once again organized the lovely summer BBQ in the gardens of the retirement resort Ciudad Patricia. The residents do have a great time socializing eating and dancing the afternoon away with the annual BBQ.

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Easter Party 2018

Here at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia, it feels more like a community retirement village with individual homes. There is always an excuse here to have a get together or a party to celebrate something whether its Easter, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and yes, we have had 3 weddings here with our residents over the last 6 years.

Congratulations Peggy, "100 years Young"!

Peggy Nutt, a resident at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia for a wonderful 33 years celebrated her 100th birthday on February 16th 2018. Peggy was born in Oxford on 16 February 1918. She was the youngest of six. She married at the age of 21 and had her daughter Shirley.  At the age of 60 she moved to Spain with her second husband to Moraira. 

Our Newest Building is Taking Shape

Based on the number of emails and phone calls I regularly receive, it’s clear that many of you have been following the progress on the construction of our new building at Ciudad Patricia.

How not to feel lonely in your senior years.


The main reason is the fear of being alone in your home when something happens, a fall or accident where there is no one around to help you. Many people live where there they are surrounded with villas or apartments and do not to get to see many people. So if something was to happen and you do not have the phone near you what would you do?

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Paella Party

One of the many social events of the year at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia.

Many residents of all nationalities enjoyed 2 lovely big tasty mixed paella served on the terrace of the main central building on the retirement resort. 

Why swimming is Important in your Senior Years

Everyone knows how important exercising is for improving your general health, maintaining a healthy heart, improving your flexibility, building stronger muscles and lowering the risk of injury.

Annual BBQ at Senior Resort Ciudad Patricia

The residents at the resort always love to have a great party.

The Importance of Socializing

At Ciudad Patricia we understand the Importance of Socializing

It is a fact that most people understand how important it to socialize in all stages of life. It is often overlooked the importance also of socializing in our senior years.

Three Kings at Ciudad Patricia

Many of the residents at the retirement resort Ciudad Patricia enjoyed a lovely evening celebrating the special day dated back from the 4th century.

Another Milestone Birthday

Marjorie Broberg celebrated her 90th birthday in the restaurant at Ciudad Patricia.

Another Fun evening at Ciudad Patricia!

There were many witches and ghouls at Ciudad Patricia in 31st October as residents took part in a lovely party to celebrate the tradition of Halloween.

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Dinner by Candlelight

Dinner by Candlelight at the retirement Apartments Benidorm Spain.

Do Black Squirrels Exist In Spain?

Or are they grey squirrels?

Just recently one of our residents reported seeing black squirrels and decided to do some interesting investigative research.  

Kath Rowlinson recently came to join us at Ciudad Patricia and wrote us the following email..

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Friends Forever

Daph and Kathy have recently moved into 2 different buildings in Ciudad Patricia both have wonderful views of trees an mountains. They both came from the same area close to Torrivieja. Maybe it's more than chance that they've continued their friendship here at Ciudad Patricia.

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Not Bad Eh?

My husband had 2 hip replacements  so could not do the usual maintanence of our big villa  What to do? Lets downsize but to where? Saw the ad in local magazine:  Ciudad Patrica in Benidorm.

My Journey to Ciudad Patricia

Amanda Hobbs asked me to write why I came to Ciudad Patricia, and about my books I write. I agreed to that, so I hope you won't be bored!

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Tony's Story

I would like to tell you the story how Tony, one of our recent residents got to move to Ciudad Patricia. It’s not unusual for people to be totally taken when they discover the best kept secret on the Costa Blanca.

Summer paella party at Ciudad Patricia

The annual paella fiesta party had a record number of residents join in the celebrations this year.

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